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summer 2012 (Monday, July 30 2012)

This will probably be my last post. Our subscription ends on the 4th of August and We have decided to discontinue it since I have much less to post now that everyone is doing so well, praise God! Summer ...more

summer begins 2012 (Wednesday, May 30 2012)

Wow! I look at our summer and it is crazy. I don''t know why we always try to fit so much into three short months, but here we are, again :)Katie finished her first year of school, she was ...more

3rd Anniversary (Saturday, May 5 2012)

The 3rd was Katie''s third anniversary. Today is the third anniversary of her "official" diagnosis of ALL and her mediport surgery. I can''t believe it has been three years. We get so busy sometimes I forget how things were, ...more

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Marian Louwagie (Friday, August 12 2011)

welcome to Minnesota! I hope you had a wonderful trip up, I prayed for your safety, and that you had good weather along the way. I will close, I think my last couple of messages went to ...more

Mike & Annette Rohllik (Monday, February 28 2011)

Congratulations on the new baby!! Looked over the pics & enjoyed them. Our prayers always go out to your family.

Mary Ellen Hodapp (Thursday, October 1 2009)

I just visited with Marcella & Joe at Jessica''s wedding and learned about the challenges that you are going through. My heart goes out to you for being so brave and for sharing your family stories with others. May ...more

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